Hotel Terme Salvarola is in the heart of Emilia Romagna, only twenty minutes from Modena and ten from Maranello, which is where the famous Ferrari car company is based. You will not be far from the most important cities of Emilia either, like Bologna, Reggio Emilia and Parma.

Principali Distanze

Terme di Salvarola - Posizione - Sassuolo - Modena

Maranello 9 km/ 10 min
Modena 22 km /25 min
Reggio Emilia 27 km / 45 min
Parma 74 km/1,00 h
Bologna 65 km / 1,00 h

Activities and Sports near Modena

Hotel Terme Salvarola staff will be pleased to help you organize many cultural and outdoor activities:


Modena Golf & Country ClubModena Golf & Country Club is one of the best golf courses in Italy and is only 17 km from the Hotel, more or less a 20 minute drive. There are another three 18 hole courses only 45 minutes from the Hotel


Cycling holidays and Trekking:

CollineThe hills, nature and River Secchia shore are the ideal places for those of you who enjoy cycling or nordik walking.




Modenathere are many historical and archaeological sites to visit in this area and they are all very close to the hotel. For instance, the Ducal Palace of Sassuolo, the dome of Modena, the Vignola fortress, the Montale archaeological park and the castles of Spezzano and Formigine.


Maranello and the Ferrari:

Ferrari MaranelloEverything there is to know and see about the Ferrari car company is only 10 km from Salvarola.




Parco delle Salse di NiranoThere are many natural reserves and protected areas to discover here too, for instance the Salse di Nirano Park and the Colombarone oasis.